GSO4SCHOOL summer-school

This beautiful, ridiculously talented and fun gang of teaachers, scientists and artists created magic at the GSO4SCHOOL summer school and propelled the Creavolution forward. Song, dance, music, laughter, smiles and the occasional swim in the ocean along with pedagogical, scientific and artistic discussions. Participants from Greece, Portugal, Norway, Italy, China and Cyprus engaged in the long awaited teacher training in Marathon, Greece. 

The GSO4SCHOOL is a three year Erasmus+ project, specifically made to train and support teachers, provide teaching resources and strengthen the international network. which you can read more about here:

GSO helps building digital bridges between culture and communities

Click the picture to read a blog-post on the Mind the Gap webpage. This is an Erasmus project that HVL is a partner in which focuses on how one can build digital bridges between culture and communities. Specifically this post looks at how we in the GSO actively integrate ecological sustainability both as a concept and in practice.