Participating in the GSO community is easy. Anyone can join. There are no conditions. There are different kinds of activities to fit everyone’s interests. It is free.

If you find your country on the list of participating countries, please fill out the contact form, so we can put you in contact with your country’s alpha-contact.

If your country is not on the list of participating countries, we would be happy to include you as the alpha-contact for your country, or if that isn’t possible, we will do our best to find an alpha-contact in your country. Please fill out the contact form to proceed.

Below you may find some ideas for how to participate. Please note that taking part in the GSO does not need to take much of your time. You will be creating a Global Science Opera with the help of a global community…

Taking part:

  • Choose an activity from this list: Performers, (composers, scenographers, singers, actors, instrumentalists), science research, science education activities, PR, administration, documentation, educational research (for higher education institutions), outreach, technical/technological assistance.

    Please note that during each year the amount of performances is limited. You will in any case be able to collaborate with another country during the creation of one of the opera’s scenes, or join the GSOrt network which will create one scene by a group of rural schools.

  • Fill out the contact form.
  • Explore the resources.
  • Rehearsals take place online. They are scheduled in advance. To join rehearsals, please click this link: (choose “enter as guest”).
  • If your school/university/opera/museum have chosen to take part as performers, it will be possible to perform via video (we will need a high-quality video of your scene) or live-streaming (we will need a URL from which you are streaming).
  • We would like to hear of new ideas for how to take part in the GSO. Please let us know!

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