Opening doors to education is exactly what we wish to do with our collaborative STEAM-education effort. Our dedicated partners at NUCLIO have initiated this scholarship-program, which GSO is honoured to be a supporter of. For those of us who have enough “stuff”, maybe this year, instead of gifts we don´t need, we can help give a young student a higher education?

Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration is the scientific topic for the 2021 Global Science Opera production.

What is Ecosystem Restoration, and why the UN has dedicated a decade to focus on it.
(1 minute crash-course)
2021 – 2030 is the United Nations International Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. This is also the scientific topic for the 2021 Global Science Opera production.
There are several types of Ecosystem Restoration:
Farmlands, Forests, Freshwater, Grasslands, Shrubs & savannahs, Mountains, Oceans & coasts, Peatlands and Urban areas.
Together we will learn more of what we can do, how we and our students can contribute and inspire others to contribute to a healthier world.

Inquiry-Based Learning – a guidebook to writing a science oepra

Oded Ben-Horin and Irma Smegen have just published their book Inquiry-Based Learning – a Guidebook to Writing a Science Opera. Anyone who is interested, this is the link:…


The CASE & GSO4SCHOOL online international conference

We wish to welcome you to join us at the CASE & GSO4SCHOOL international conference. It takes place online December 1st to 3rd, from 2 pm CTP to around 7 pm CET all three days. There will be interesting key-notes, presentations and workshops, all connected to creative STEAM-education. Including a 4 hour long GSO-workshop on the 1st by the GSO4SCHOOL-team. Sign up for this free workshop, and be part of the group that start building the framework for next year production´s scientific topic: Ecosystem restoration.

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