GSO in Sri Lanka

The wonderful girls in Sri Lanka are collaborating with the equally amazing Indian students in creating the main story for Unfold the Universe. Again we were so warmly welcomed and we had an unforgettable week!

“We are the universe experiencing itself!” was the motto for the science-group. And we sure did experience this week!

A lot of different approaches to creative STEAM-education with new classes all during the week.

The girls in the science-club, who organized everything during the week, including a science – arts-presentation and the history of the telescope (both available in our teaching resources)

The week ended with an exhibition and several presentations.

Some of the girls embarking on eco-art – stitching the universe.

GSO in India

Two tutors from the GSO-team visited Gujarat, India in February, leading workshops for the students and teachers who are working with the main-story of Unfold the Universe. It was an amazing experience for the foreigners, being greeted with amazing hospitality and celebration. A few photos will show part of the process in the workshops. Our main partner in India, the KHOJ science | arts | innovation institution and museums were hosts to this incredible week.


Surat  workshop above.

These amazing teachers have guided their students to win prices on the national level in science-education.

A ritual ceremony before we start the workshop.

Discussing how we can translate a science-question into a story.