GSO in Romania

In April, the GSO production manager was given the opportunity for an Erasmus+ exchange visit to Romania, and what a wonderful opportunity! First stop was the Fine  arts department at Ovidiu University of Constanta. The students and teachers here got an introduction to the GSO and to eco-design, and we had several in-depth conversations about the importance of creativity and the arts. A group of sporty students embarked on an experimental co-creative design/drawing-session.

Our talented colleagues in Constanta, Alina and Razvan.

The next stop was Bucharest, where I spent several days with our alpha-contact, Felicia. She has done an amazing job in adapting the GSO-methodology to suit the Romanian school-system. They have expanded the menu of artistic contributions to include artforms as poems and essays. Hopefully we will be able to share some of these contributions soon.

As part of the visit, the Romanian Ministry of Education hosted an online workshop for teachers across Romania, who all got an introduction into the GSO methodology.