Welcome Romania!

Welcome to Felicia Calmuc, a new member in our GSO-community. She teaches English and French in a public school in Craiova, Romania. Her school is one of few that offers extracurricular activities to students between 4 and 19 years. Part of this offer will now include creative STEAM-work. She is part of the main team who will introduce GSO in Romania and produce a scene in Thrive.

Welcome also to Elisabeta Ana Naghi, a mathematics teacher, with a teaching experience of over 35 years and 15 years in school inspectorates and the Ministry of Education.
She is currently working in the Control Body of the Ministry of Education, the main attribution being to verify the observance of the legislation in education in the entire national education system.
She loves science and art, which is why she is now Romania´s alpha-contact!