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Mind the Gap

According to @MindtheGapEU, an Erasmus+ project where GSO is represented as one of the approaches, digital technology can increase participation in arts education by breaking down geographical and social barriers, enabling educators to connect with communities who rarely participate in cultural experiences. Check out @MindtheGapEU guidelines and recommendations for how create inclusive art practices, on […]


Where does creativity come from? Is it in the brain? In my body’s muscle-memory? Is it in my heart or my soul? How does my experience influence who I become as a person? Is creativity a special talent or something everyone has? How can I use my creativity actively? Where are our memories stored? And […]

GSO4SCHOOL summer-school

This beautiful, ridiculously talented and fun gang of teaachers, scientists and artists created magic at the GSO4SCHOOL summer school and propelled the Creavolution forward. Song, dance, music, laughter, smiles and the occasional swim in the ocean along with pedagogical, scientific and artistic discussions. Participants from Greece, Portugal, Norway, Italy, China and Cyprus engaged in the […]

The Dopamine Song

The Dopamine Song Teresa Nobrega, Randi Veiteberg Kvellestad, Jonas Cisar Romme (2022 for «Creavolution») Refrain – All Dopamine Dopamine in our body – in between Verse 2 – All In between In between Cells in neuron system Break down – 2 groups Neuro-transmitter Neuro-transmitter Neuro-transmitter Neuro-transmitter Verse 3 – solo(s) If you don’t have dopamine […]

Brazil GSO-training

In the last week of June, hundreds of teachers, students, administrators and artists in Brazil attended workshops, presentations or meet-and-greet-sessions with the GSO coordinator. The three municipalities Santa Maria Madalena, Sao Francisco de Itabapoana and Sao Joao de Barra have invested large in education for their students by training their teachers in the GSO methodology […]

GSO4SCHOOL online sessions

Keep the dates: March 31st 4 pm cet: Petros Stergioploulos – Music-workshop on sonification and leitmotif. Please find link in Creavolution-booklet for link to his first session. This second one builds on the first. April 22nd, 2 pm cet: Zeke Locke (USA) – Rehearsal Global Science Opera choir May 20th at 2 pm cet: Valentina Tudisca […]