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Introducing Dr. Giedre Straksiene

From January 2021 Giedre Straksiene, PhD, is a postdoctoral researcher in the Global Science Opera, in the context of HVL’s University project. She came from Center for Studies of Social Changes (Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities) at Klaipeda University (Lithuania). Her main research area focuses on development of communicative competence; various teaching/learning drama methods […]

Welcome Romania!

Welcome to Felicia Calmuc, a new member in our GSO-community. She teaches English and French in a public school in Craiova, Romania. Her school is one of few that offers extracurricular activities to students between 4 and 19 years. Part of this offer will now include creative STEAM-work. She is part of the main team […]

GSO and the key drivers of education

Three major global drivers in education, necessary for meeting the challenges of the 21st century, are: education for sustainable development, demographic change, and technological advances. Without addressing the demands of these drivers, our education systems are, most likely, rooted in narrow, robotic learning, blinkered to what is happening around us in the world, focussed solely […]


Opening doors to education is exactly what we wish to do with our collaborative STEAM-education effort. Our dedicated partners at NUCLIO have initiated this scholarship-program, which GSO is honoured to be a supporter of. For those of us who have enough “stuff”, maybe this year, instead of gifts we don´t need, we can help give […]

Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration is the scientific topic for the 2021 Global Science Opera production. What is Ecosystem Restoration, and why the UN has dedicated a decade to focus on it. (1 minute crash-course) 2021 – 2030 is the United Nations International Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. This is also the scientific topic for the 2021 Global Science […]