Entries by Janne Iren Robberstad


  Finally! Here is the poster for CREAVOLUTION!  It is a joint effort by students in Oslo, Norway, who have embroidered the design. If you are participating in this years opera, please send us your logo, so we can add it to the poster.


We had a very exciting presentation of the GSO for the “StoryLab” to employees at NASA. I am sure you can imagine how thrilled we were to get this opportunity! The recording is here. We’re hoping to engage in dialogue with NASA in order to get inspiration for our 2023 production. 

Poster-contest for Creavolution

We wish to host a contest for the poster, open for all participating students to make suggestions for what the poster should look like.  The winning suggestion will then be worked further with by a professional visual/graphic artist.  Suggestions for the poster will be included in the Eco-art Gallery, and some of them will be […]


Click on picture to see the premiere of Thrive! Note that the link will only be available from 13.55 pm CET, November 20th 2021. Enjoy!

World Opera Day

For the World Opera Day, the Norwegian team made this short video while filming the story for Thrive. How far would you go to make great art? How far wouldn’t you go to make green art (and help save the world)?

Welcome Ukraine!

We have a new member in our community! Ukraine! Iryna Berezovska coordinates international activities at the Junior Science Academy in Lviv, and now this includes the Global Science Opera. She graduated from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University and got her Kandidat degree at Voronezh State Technical University (Russia). After many years of work related […]

September online session

The September online session will feature the Swedish lighting designer Evelina Dembacke. Throught a practical lecure & workshop she will share some of her secrets to easy-to-achieve, sustainable and beautiful lighting design. Stay tuned on September 24th at 1 pm cet. You will find the link on our Facebook-page. You can read more about her […]

GSO on Instagram

We finally took the step, and now the GSO has its own Instagram-account. If you want to share photos from your work with your contributions, please tag us: @scienceoperaglobal (note the relocation of the words in the name). For this years production you can also use the hashtags: #globalscienceopera #gsothrive #ecosystemrestoration and #generationrestoration which is […]