The Global Science Opera’s 2018 production “One Ocean” is on its way! Premiering on December 12th!

The French scene of “Moon Village – a Global Science Opera” is being organized by Fabien Legeron, Suzanne Faye and Michel Faye. Merci!

In Wales, OPERASONIC is leading the Global Science Opera activities for the “Moon Village” Opera. Wales is one of seven countries performing live on the air in this year’s opera!

This year’s “Moon Village” Global Science Opera will include artworks created by the Village’s children (original “SPARK” series by Associate Professor Kjetil Sømoe, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences).

At Soka-higashi High School  (Japan), preparations are underway for the Global Science Opera – “Moon Village”. This image of the moon was taken by student Yuna Shibata.

Introducing the Global Science Opera alpha-contact from CYPRUS, Alexandros Kofteros!! Alexandros (Open University Cyprus/Mathisis) will invite a school from Cyprus to take part in this year’s opera, “Moon Village”. Welcome to the GSO!!!

Global Science Opera activities in China are led by Professor Hongfeng Guo at the Chinese National Astronomical Observatory in Beijing / Chinese Academy of Sciences. As part of the 2017 “Moon Village” opera production, she plans to engage Chinese school students in the preparation of an introductory art/science video inspired by international lunar research.

Global Science Opera in real time at the Agios Nikolaos Festival in Crete, Greece! Pupils sonifying the Earth and the Moon. With Petros Stergiopoulos from Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Athens.

Introducing the Global Science Opera “alpha-contact” for Scotland! Dr Kirsty Ross is the outreach officer for researchers in bionanotechnology and optical medical imaging at the University of Strathclyde and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK. A microbiologist by training, she uses her scientific knowledge to inform her engagement approaches. She is constantly on the look-out for new and innovative ways to share their science with the world!

Canadian Master students Hala Farahat and Anna Hunt (Concordia University) have invited a Canadian school to perform in the 2017 GSO. This marks the first time a Canadian institution will be performing in Global Science Opera. Welcome!

Jonathan Harris, GSO music teacher in UK, will travel to the UK House of Commons in June to discuss GSO with MPs, and join the TES School Awards Ceremony. The UK school “Premier Academy” has been shortlisted for the International Award for it’s work with GSO. 

Introducing the “alpha-contact” for Global Science Opera in Slovakia, Dr. Irina Malkin Ondik. Irina works as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Informatics and Information technologies of the Slovak Technical University. She is a mathematician by conviction, a theoretical physicist by education and a relativistic Quantum chemist as a researcher.

Naseer Ahmad from Jalalabad is the Global Science Opera “alpha-contact” in Afghanistan. He is a student of M.Phil in Satellite Communication from Department of Space Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

January, 2017: The Moon Village production has begun! The “Moon Village” opera premiere will take place in December, 2017, with pupils, artists and scientists performing around the world, at the European Space Agency, and in some surprising places (details to follow)…

20131228_132202In October, Drama educator and storyteller Giovanna Conforto (UK/Italy) will be telling participants of the 20th International Storytelling Festival in Aachen, Germany about the Global Science Opera. Giovanna is one of the members of the EU CREAT-IT project during which GSO got its start. She has also helped develop the “Ghost Particles” characters.

20th International Storytelling Festival:
EU CREAT-IT Project:



In Chile, the dancers of Myrta Fatima Villanueva Alvarez-Santullano are preparing a dance for the “Ghost Particles” opera which premieres in November! Music by Carl Pennypacker and Petros Stergiopoulos. Gracias!

The Global Science Opera visits CERN!

This year’s “Ghost Particles” includes a virtual visit to the CMS Experiment, which will be viewed by all participants and viewers.

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Dr. Michael Hoch, physicist and artist at CERN, created the artwork which inspired this year’s “Ghost Particles” opera poster.

Mr. Hideo Shinohara, a high-school teacher from Japan, visited Stord, Norway during the GHOU/GTTP conference. In October, Janne Robberstad will conduct a Global Science Opera workshop at his high school during which they will  prepare a scene for this year’s opera production.

The GHOU/GTTP conference 2016. Many Global Science Opera participants and great colleagues are here. We look forward to collaborating with the others soon! Greetings from Stord, Norway!

Giedre Straksiene, Irma Smegen SpeeljeWijs Flintenhof and Henk de Reusare refining the script of the “Ghost Particles” opera for this year’s Global Science Opera production. During the GHOU/GTTP conference. Inspiration from Michael Hoch and the art@CMS exhibition, as well as by works of students from Holland and Switzerland

In Uganda, at the Alpha & Omega school, Vick Nanziri and her students are preparing a scene for this year’s Global Science Opera “GHOST PARTICLES” about the main character “Joao”. Thank you!

Norwegian Masters Student Janne Robberstad will soon be travelling to Japan to conduct a Global Science Opera and eco-scenography workshop at Saitama prefectural Soka-higashi high school. Professor Toshihiro Handa and teacher Shinohara Hideo will be conducting the workshop with her. Good luck!

On August 22-27, students from California will travel to the Global Hands on Universe conference in Norway and take part in Global Science Opera activities. Among them is YANNICK KEONE LECOEUCHE, who is an undergraduate astrophysics student at UC Berkeley. Welcome!

In Chile, the dancers at University of Antofagasta are preparing a dance about the discovery of the Higgs Boson for the “GHOST PARTICLES” premiere in November.

“I love learning about exoplanets and discovering other worlds, conducting research, and working with numerous outreach clubs and organizations alongside my classes at Berkeley”

On August 22-27, students from University of California Berkeley will travel to the Global Hands on Universe conference in Norway and take part in Global Science Opera activities. Among them is Malena Rice, an Astrophysics/Physics student at UC Berkeley and a classical flutist with over 10 years of experience!

news-230616 Students of the public school Escola Municipal Cláudia Almeida Pinto Oliveira finished creating the libretto for Brazil’s contribution to the “Ghost Particles” opera. The Music Department of IFF is organizing a festival on Thursday, June 30th in which students will receive the lyrics and set them to music. Judges will choose the music to be included in the opera on Friday, July 1st.

November 19th, 2016: The “Ghost Particles premier (specific time to be announced here shortly).

neutrino HollandThe Dutch GSO team has begun rehearsing their GSO scene for this year. The scene is about the discovery of the neutrino particle.

In the UK, music teacher Jonathan Harris has composed the “Neutrino song”. Download the song as PDF here.

In Spain, the Montesserat school has begun rehearsing their opera scene about mass and particles. See video.

August 22nd-27th, 2016: The Global Hands on Universe / Galileo Teacher Training Program conference at Stord, Norway (including GSO/WASO 1-day workshop)

July 3rd-7th, 2016: The CREATIONS summer school in Marathon, Greece

May, 2016 (date TBA): Performance of WASO projects at Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal (organized by CMSM, coordinator of the EEA Grants WASO project)

March 11th, 2016: Presentation of GSO at the RESEO conference “Digital Keys” (UK)